Mina två svarta...och jag

tisdag 1 november 2011


I will wright this in english today.. Today I finally booked my plane to Zagreb =) I will go there november 9th and go back with Axis november 10th. I hope everything will go great on the plane with him. I´m just happy to be able to bring him home =)

I will buy the crate for the plane in Zagreb. Sandra will meet me at the airport and will make a reservation in a hotel for me. Hopefully we will be able to get a trainingsession for Zeljko before we get on the plane back to Gothenburg. Then axis will be tired during the trip as well.

I will be so relived when we are home and everything is done. When Axis can be a part of Atlas and my family for real =) Alot of people are excited to meet him and he will fit our family perfectly!

Next week I will go and I have never felt a week being this long before ;o)

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